fall - november 6th and november 7th -seattle


what are we going to talk about?


understanding burnout and turning it into creativity

we can all get to the point in our businesses where we've consistently said "yes" to everything imaginable simply because there's an invitation. we can say "yes" so many times that it leaves us with a full plate, we're eventually overwhelmed and it simply becomes a job where the creativity gets put on the back burner. at what point can we accept burn out and turn it into inspiration? we've got some tools.


plateaus and comfort: what to do when you get stuck

we all have fears and we all have our comforts. we have safety nets we consistently fall into or get too comfortable with to change. when we hit those points, that's where there's lack of growth. let's identify those fears and how to conquer them in order to move forward and evolve.


making the most of the clients you have

there's a lot of green grass comparison within this industry. their clients look cool, their clients dress a certain way, their clients are up for adventure. you have clients now that you can use as a beautiful blank canvas. they're radiant, their love is meaningful and they want you to document that. rather than seeing other photographers' clients as the "better", how can you see YOUR clients as the best?


being a working parent and how that makes you an amazing business person

carly's got a few tips for you for how to get work done with a sweet little baby at your feet. we won't go into it a ton, but we'd love to share how to manage your time and make sure that little one also gets the attention they need.


building a strong portfolio and Pricing

we'll go over why we showcase particular images and the information we share in order to make sure our voices are heard by potential clients. we'll also cover what goes into our pricing and how to place monetary value on your services. there is an algorithm and a strategy to approaching these elements, which we'd love to help explain the art of the portfolio and sale. these are items that prospective clients see first, so how do you wow them?


customer service and care

we all need to know more about this. how to treat our clients like gold; from e-mails, to consultations, to wedding prep, to the wedding day to post wedding.


using social media and not letting social media use you

we are grateful for the advertising and word of mouth that social media provides but also limit ourselves to not get too sucked in. we'll provide some easy tips to make use of some incredible platforms and get your work seen.


shooting, editing, workflow

this is about how we shoot, why we shoot, client connection and what goes into documenting portrait sessions and weddings both technically and emotionally. what matters most to us it that we document raw, genuine moments and we'll show you how to get to that vulnerable place with your clients. we will have a live shoot around downtown seattle with a real couple (in wedding attire!) to show you how we see light, lines and emotions. we figured it'd be easy to show you that in nature but know that it's a challenge to document city life so we want to jump right into the hard and difficult. we will also have a table with wedding decor set up to show you how to nail those detail shots and avoid those stuffy compositions. we'll follow it up with our streamlined workflow and help facilitate your creation of lightroom presets. to top it off, we'll walk you through online galleries, print sales and album design. the programs we'll showcase are photo mechanic, lightroom, smartslides, smart albums, narrative and pic-time.



there is absolutely an expiration date on wedding photographers. there's a habit of booking as much as possible and quickly burning out due to the work load. let's talk about retirement plans, longevity and finances so that you can keep creating and worry less about income. 

schedule of events


Tuesday, NOVEMBER 6th


9:00 Join at the studio for coffee and a light breakfast! 

9:15 Discussing our fears and personalities and how we can turn those fears into triumphs and achievements

10:00 Creating an industry pushing portfolio and generating the best work possible for your clients

11:00 Getting the clients you want

12:00 Break for lunch

1:00 Impactful ideas for creativity as you head into the summer season and how to stay energized with the bookings you have

2:00 A break down on instagram and portfolio critiques

3:00 Client care and customer service musts

4:00 SEO Tips and tricks

4:30 Closing questions

5:00 Pack up to head to Plum Bistro (about 15 minutes by car from the studio). Let's plan on taking a lyft or uber on our way out!

6:00 Dinner at Plum Bistro

See you in the morning!

wednesday, NOVEMBER 7th

10:00 Meet at the studio for a light breakfast

10:00 Detail photos of Benjamin Holtrop & Thatch Floral's incredible design and floral work!

11:00 Shuttle to Location with lunch on board

12:15 Arrive at location for couple portraits

1:45 Head back to Seattle

3:15 Arrive at studio

3:30 Post processing and creating a preset to use on every image

5:00 Closing questions

6:00 Go and enjoy the city!